About Charles W. Siragusa Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago

Education and Credentials

Charles W. Siragusa has the education, credentials, legal experience, and practical experience you need to represent you as a seller or buyer of real estate in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Charles W. Siragusa graduated from Northwestern University and then obtained his Juris Doctor law degree, cum laude, from Northwestern University School of Law.  Charles W. Siragusa has been admitted to the Illinois Supreme Court, has a license to practice law in Illinois, and has been admitted to the United District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  He is also licensed in Illinois as a title agent.

Legal Experience

Charles W. Siragusa has represented many individuals who have sold their home, or are buying a home, in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties.  He has extensive experience reviewing and modifying real estate sale contracts for sellers and buyers.  There are federal, Illinois and county laws and regulations that must be complied with to close a residential real estate transaction in Illinois.  In addition, Chicago, and almost every city, town and village in the Chicago metropolitan area, has its own unique requirements that must be satisfied.  If any of these requirements are not properly satisfied in full and on time, then the closing will be delayed, or even worse, may not occur.

Real estate sales lawyer Charles W. Siragusa is familiar with all of the legal requirements for closings in Chicago and the cities, towns and villages in the Chicago metropolitan area.  In addition, he has represented individuals and businesses in contested commercial lawsuits in Illinois, and in other states, in state court and federal court, and has tried lawsuits in those courts.  As a result, he knows what must be done to keep his clients out of court, but if the worst happens, he will vigorously represent his clients in court.

Practical Experience

Many lawyers know how to close a real estate deal, but Charles W. Siragusa is much more than just a real estate lawyer–he has owned, remodeled and managed homes and apartment buildings.  As a result, he has practical knowledge and experience about the structure and plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems in a home–what can go wrong, what needs to be done to make a repair and how much it should cost.  His experience is invaluable to a seller when the buyer’s home inspector requests repairs – Charles W. Siragusa can assist you as a seller in determining your response to the buyer’s requests.

It is a critical time in the purchase of a home when a possible defect or repair is identified by a licensed home inspector after the contract is signed, which can determine whether the closing will occur.  Real estate sales attorney Charles W. Siragusa can advise his clients about the nature and extent of the supposed defect or repair – is it a major expensive repair or a minor repair that can be done for a reasonable amount?  As a result, he is familiar with the “practical” maintenance and repair issues of owning a home, and can recommend reliable low cost contractors who can perform the necessary repair.  Also, he can provide answers to questions such as – should I buy the house if the basement floods, can it be repaired and how much does it cost?  What can be done if the water pipes have low pressure?  If the house has radiators should I remove them and install a central heating/air conditioning system? And he can provide answers to many other home remodeling/repair topics on which he has personal practical experience and knowledge.